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Film making

Creation and mediation

Live shows

Film making

Animation movies, live movies, from storyboard to finishing.



Mediation work with all types of audiences

Our workshops have been transformed over the course of the meetings, in the reception network for asylum seekers fedasil, the ambulatory care network 107, the CRP des Marronniers - Tournai, with inhabitants of all ages, taking into account a vast diversity of people. Mixing different approaches, everyone finds their comfort zone, and the workshop readjusts when necessary.

We are always looking for new partners and new audiences to continue the storytelling around dreams.


Live shows

Praise of the fugue

On a repertoire of fugues, where the multiplicity of of melodic lines intersect, Julien Stiegler sings poems in polyphony, about the difference and the origin of life.

The epic of contradictory dreaming

The story create links between heterogeneous dreaming bubbles in an epic narration. It based on the fictive assemption that we can meet each others while dreaming.


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